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Jesus and the Canaanite Woman or Why Does Jesus Seem to Be a Jerk?

Jesus and the Canaanite Woman or Why Does Jesus Seem to Be a Jerk?


My house will be called a house of prayer for all people,

Thus says the Lord GOD,

who gathers others to them

besides those already gathered.

Last month my husband and I were shopping in Santa Rosa, California. On an overpass above the freeway, dozens of people were gathered in a protest against welcoming the tide of parentless children crossing our nation’s southern borders. This homily will not…

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Holding On To Time

Holding On To Time

new voice 2I

I am the woman with fire legs and the feathered voice of  birds,

with Mercury’s wings suspended in flight, blessed by the waters of ocean and air,

born by decades of thoughts, cells bound by ancestresses,

mother after mother, hearts beating the blood of their daughter caught in mid-stride,

my lips pushed into invisible air, my body holding on to time


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Review of AINSWORTH by Anthea Carson

Review of AINSWORTH by Anthea Carson

AINSWORTH is a gem of a story. Carson writes with emotional honesty and such a fine sense of detail that one wonders why she is not a better known author. Janey-Lou, eight years old and the scapegoat of older siblings, tells the story of family secrets that are unearthed during a summer her family spends at the farmhouse of her aunt, uncle, and cousins in the prairie of Nebraska.

The story…

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The Secrets of the Odyssey (3)

The Secrets of the Odyssey (3)

Alethea Eason:

This is a soul opener.

Originally posted on symbolreader:

According to a well-known saying by Whitehead, all Western philosophy is a footnote to Plato. Philosophy may have begun with Plato but storytelling and literature began with minstrel poets such as Homer. Our cultural womb and cradle is ancient Greece; rereading the Odysseyand marveling at its psychological depth left me with…

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