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Review of AINSWORTH by Anthea Carson

Review of AINSWORTH by Anthea Carson

AINSWORTH is a gem of a story. Carson writes with emotional honesty and such a fine sense of detail that one wonders why she is not a better known author. Janey-Lou, eight years old and the scapegoat of older siblings, tells the story of family secrets that are unearthed during a summer her family spends at the farmhouse of her aunt, uncle, and cousins in the prairie of Nebraska.

The story…

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The Secrets of the Odyssey (3)

The Secrets of the Odyssey (3)

Alethea Eason:

This is a soul opener.

Originally posted on symbolreader:

According to a well-known saying by Whitehead, all Western philosophy is a footnote to Plato. Philosophy may have begun with Plato but storytelling and literature began with minstrel poets such as Homer. Our cultural womb and cradle is ancient Greece; rereading the Odysseyand marveling at its psychological depth left me with…

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Starved is the sequel to HUNGRY, a Washington Post KidPost Book of the Week. Deborah, otherwise known as Dbrrrksh on the Home World, has resisted the deep urge in her DNA to eat human beings. STARVED, the sequel to the hilarious science fiction novel HUNGRY, is a wacky, tongue-in-cheek novel about 7th grade angst, first crushes, and a ruthless species that wants to use Earth as their next fast food stop. The Home World is plotting again, and Deborah discovers she is a candidate to be Supreme High Matriarch. Can she outwit her species and a ruthless Home World girl who is willing to do ANTHING to get it? Will the Home World conquer Earth through reality TV? Will Earthlings become the latest fast food item on their menu? Will Deborah kiss Willy?

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